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Conny Zenk
conny [at] gaffaa [dot] net

Conny Zenk *1985, is based in Vienna.
graduated with high honors at the University of Applied Arts – Department Digital Arts
(Ruth Schnell, Peter Weibel, Virgil Widrich);

Gender Studies at the University of Vienna
Design & Innovation at the Tongji University Shanghai
Film & Stage Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna – Bernhard Kleber
Graphic Design – wiener kunst schule

Awards / Grants:
2018 – International Artist Residency Kulangsu
2018 – Stipendiatin Künstlerresidenz Chretzeturm
2017 – VIS Award für Bulletproof / VENTIL  / Regie: Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger
2013 – Outstanding Artist Award des BKA (Prämie gemeinsam mit Kathrin Stumreich) für Frauenkultur
2013 – University of Applied Arts Scholarship, Tongji University Shanghai
2012 – University of Applied Arts Scholarship, Tongji University Shanghai

Conny Zenk is visual composer, video and media artist based in Vienna. She is working on topics like social media, migration, gender and feminism as well as on urban, architectural and spatial concepts mainly using projection, video and screen based art in the context of performances and installations. Conny Zenk is specially interested in the process of composing and performing questioning the relation between a physical moving body and digital interfaces. Active as a performer in the scope of visual music she is composing and visualizing in collaboration with inspiring musicians and sound artists. In various audio visual music projects her main work is about creating a language of improvisation between different artistic fields and an atmosphere of light structures and video based architecture. By means of generative programs she creates abstract elements such as oscillating lines and surfaces, granular flickering and stroboscopic impulses. Conny Zenk plays with the concept of perception and of what is not visible. Her work is framed by digital methods within the context of social and political questions.