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an audio-visual topography of Zhongshan Road

The art project Mapping Zhongshan Road focus on a specific area and architecture in the city center of Xiamen. By audio-visual methods and live performances, the architecture of Zhongshan Road, such as the arcade buildings, will function as a stage and display: abstract urban animations create a digital assemblage of Zhongshan road, the city emerges from the multiple layers of the audio-visual information. Overlaying creates an effect of blending, whereby the concrete image is very much abstracted.

Mapping Zhongshan Road is playing with the concept of performance in public space. Conny Zenk invites the audience to join the area around Zhongshan Road for ‘secret’ live performances. By using mobile projectors and various microphones mounted within the architecture of Zhongshan Road, the audience is invited to a new perspective of seeing and listening the city.

Mapping Zhongshan Road focus on a personalized roam around this specific area in the context of architecture and urbanization. It’s an panoramic overview of the area with links made by various performances. Different layers of architecture are guiding the audience to observe the surrounding of the city and find new viewpoints and maybe hidden stories. Mapping Zhongshan Road involves a participatory activism that allows individuals to explore the city by a new perspective.

24th / 25th November 2018 – Zhongshan Road, Xiamen / China
29th / 30th November 2018 – X-Space Bookstore, Xiamen / China1st December 2018 – Concert – Hi-City, Xiamen / China

Concept & Performances: Conny Zenk
Technical Support: Georg Hartl