Jogja Badminton Noise

Jogja Badminton Noise is an experimental short film about the research on public spaces in Jogjakarta where people with various backgrounds and genders could eventually meet and perform. Who is the performer and who is playing? Whose bodies are absent within the framing of the video? Interviews with various people in sports halls about their […]

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RADschen Wanderung – Centriphery

Centriphery – RADschen-Wanderung lädt das Publikum zu einer spannenden Radperformance ein, die eine eigene Sichtweise auf die Region und die Landschaft des Machlands entwickelt. Unterschiedliche Orte und Landschaften werden befahren und zur Bühne gemacht. Das Fahrrad, der Rollstuhl oder andere mobile Geräte als Vehikel sind Akteur und Instrument zugleich.

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#FemWalk of Kulangsu

#FemWALK of Kulangsu is critically adapted to the format of a historic city walk. The focus is on the visibility of intellectual women, as well as their work and effect on China. In terms of Appropriation Art #FemWALK of Kulangsu the tourist do as they normally would and go with the classic equipment such as flags, audio guides and headsets through the historic center of Kulangsu. The central starting point is the interaction within the group: by means of media interventions, performances and video projections are taken along a specific route experiencing the biographies and artistic works of inspiring female personalities.

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self[ie] DREAMER

selfieDREAMER immerses itself in the sensual handling of space and time characterized by the performance of the media. Apparatuses are used that are much more reminiscent of everyday objects than juggling instruments. When we sleep our senses change, dreams repeat, we process things we have seen and places we have experienced.We drive, drive, drive on the pulsating light waves of a Dream Machine.

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