Video Installation & Talks
29th / 30th November 2018 – X-Space Bookstore, Xiamen / China

A blending of heritage architecture and 3d animations, guiding the audience to observe the architecture of a building and to find new viewpoints and maybe hidden stories.
The house of Huang Family (1869-1937) is an example of the change in time through city development. Huang former residence is a starting point of the video installation as well as nowadays relocated and situated at the entrance of China City Mall.

The audience is invited to share their stories and memories of Xiamen City. Thoughts are collected in a booklet, drawn by the participants during a 15 minutes performance. The performance is for 2 people only and set up on a coffee table in X-Space bookstore, the former house of Huang Family.

Reconstruction of tradition 传统的重建

Translation of the past 对过去的翻译

Relocated memories 重新定位的记忆

Transformed reality 转变中的现

Audio-visual Installation: Conny Zenk
Translation / Voice: Zhou Na
Technical Support: Georg Hartl