Foto: Pin Long, CARGO CARRIERS, 2021

CARGO CARRIERS is an experimental short film that takes the audio-visual perspective of a
“carrying guy” on Kulangsu island in Fujian Province, China. The architecture of Kulangsu and the daily routes of the protagonist Mr. Stone, will be the starting point for the audio-visual and poetic interpretation of the film. Abstract animations create a digital assemblage of the streets of Kulangsu. CARGO CARRIERS is dealing with the contradiction between the historical world cultural heritage, tourism, and a workers life on Kulangsu island.

Experimental Animation
production year: 2021
length: 10:56 min
Digital, 16:9 – 4K, 3840 × 2160px
Surround 5.1

Concept, Sound and Animation : Conny Zenk
Camera Dolly : Mr. Stone
Poetry : Bunny Tsai
Translation : Peter Chuang

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