JBN 2020 v.1 – Screening Padepokan Bagong, Yogyakarta

Jogja Badminton Noise is an experimental short film about the research on public spaces in Jogjakarta where people with various backgrounds and genders could eventually meet and perform. Who is the performer and who is playing? Whose bodies are absent within the framing of the video? Interviews with various people in sports halls about their relation to their bodies in the sports context as well as field recordings from various spaces of research create the underlying structure of the experimental video. Specially for the project Jogja Badminton Noise an electromagnetic antenna made from a badminton racket was built. Using images and field recordings of badminton gyms as raw material, computer-generated, digital rooms and soundscapes are created.

Jogja Badminton Noise – v.1
7-3-2020 – Film Screening & Talk / Discussion
Padepokan Seni Bagong