At the prelaunch of HADUWA ARTS & CULTURE INSTITUTE Daniel Aschwanden & Conny Zenk  develop a set of scores in the frame of BASTARD CROWDING performed by Accra based performancegroup GOLOCAL: Daniel Clottey, Ralph Humble, Charles Nortey, Rhodaline Parlon HADUWA ARTS & CULTURE INSTITUTE is a meeting ground for artists and cultural practitioners in Africa and Europe to support excellence and diversity in and through the arts. HADUWA promotes understanding and enhances active local and international collaborations. The [a]FA LAB of the Institute of Architecture of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, together with the LAB DC, Accra, have been investigating stages and stagings. The aim has been to conceptualize and design a stage for the future initiatives of HADUWA. A unique bamboo structure, which serves as shared space, landmark and stage has been built by the [a]FA team, together with international and local experts and workers.

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