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In our crowding aproaches we examine and apply improvisational choreographic principles to interacting human bodies in urban space and include the use of gadgets of digital imageproduction such as smart phones and cam- eras. Departing from this we actually experiment with creating a second swarm besides a physical one in urban contexts – the second one consisting of the nonmaterial images every swarm-member is recording which are being transfered via an interfaces (mobile phones with Wi-Fi, mobile servers) to a digital space, and mapped into a 2D projection which eventually we project as a double layer of an intervention on surfaces in the environments we use. Along with Byung Chul Han describing „digital swarms“ as a public phenomenon – we are working with an embod- ied swarm of people directly related to the digital trace of the production, we are interested in. We will work with trained dancers as well as non-professionals who are triggered in their physical behaviour by various scores like flocking and concentrating on the body as well as by the score to record others while they are recording others with digital gagdets.

Performance-Group: GOLOCAL
Konzept: Daniel Aschwanden / Conny Zenk
2013 Labadi / Accra – Ghana