这是一项将不同媒介构成和混杂样式杂糅在一起的实践。我们将用行动来表现公共空间和公共参与中令人 质疑的方面,同时,也会展现出实践的具体化和联通性。即涉及个人意象的巨大生产和其后续的监控。这其中包括了对其他相关领域的同步研 究:即兴的群体运作和使用新设备制作的数码图像群。我们将与非专业人士,以及训练有素的舞者合作,即兴运用配乐,例如“拥挤现象 ”——物理运动结合在数字端的图像处理。

编舞/表演艺术家Daniel Aschwanden和数码艺术家 Conny Zenk自2010年开始合作。两人在城市环境中,实现了各种跨 学科项目。

A practice of „blending together“ different media constitutes our hybrid formats. We will act out questioning aspects of public space, participation, as well as practices of embodiment and connectivity – refering to the immense production of personal imagery and subsequent aspects of surveillance. This involves a simultaneous research into interdependent fields: improvised swarm movents and use of gadgets producing swarms of digital images. We will work with nonprofessionals as well as trained dancers, improvise with scores like „crowding”- movements on the physical and processing images on the digital side.

Choreographer and performer Daniel Aschwanden and digital artist Conny Zenk collaborate since 2010 realizing various transdisciplinary projects in the context of urban situations.