an evening of improvisation including dance, performance, experimental music and media in three sets

members of the „gadget –society“, come to join aproaches of re-analogisation, drift in (public) space and indulge in acts of happy self surveillance!

Scan yourself, share the images and show them to your neighbour while you observe him doing the same with you. It´s not just you looking at each other, your images are as well.
Which smartphone user could pretend never having used the built in selfie function?
The look at the screen has become more common then taking a look at the mirror in the morning at home, except you are alone in front oft he mirror. While taking a selfie you are always watched or at least someone could always be watching when you stream data into virtual techno-landscapes of gigantic dimensions, controlled by state agencies as well as multinational corporations.
We are not just part of our personal networks but as well part of an invisible mass, following programs and patterns which define our behaviour.
Formerly passive users or spectators have transformed into active participants of cultural production, Mirko T. Schäfer argues in his book „bastard culture“. „ Participation has become a key concept to get a hold of extending new media practices. He describes the conseqences as an „extension of the cultural industries“. The most diverse user groups and practices are overlayed with eachother. It´s this practice of overlaying the hybrid formats of choreographic interventions refer to, including users as well as the imageproduction of their smartphones.